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Southern Belle
FROM: <oaprs@Msu.oscs.montana.edu>
DATE: 31 Mar 1993

 NOTE: This must be read with the thought of a true Southern Belle as the speaker.  She's got the major southern accent and sits there fanning herself in the warm weather.

 These two Southern Belles met at a class reunion.  The first was telling the second how wonderful her husband is:

 First: "My husband is so sweet, when he proposed to me, he gave me this 5 karat diamond ring."

 Second: Replies, "Well isn't that nice."

 First: "And when we got married, he took me on a wonderful 3 week Caribbean cruise."

 Second: Replies, "Well isn't that nice."

 First: "And for Christmas he bought me a beautiful $20,000 mink coat."

 Second: "Well isn't that nice."

 First: "And for our first wedding anniversary, he bought me a brand new Mercedes Benz with all the options available."

 Second: "Well isn't that nice."

 First: "But enough about my husband.  What has your husband done for you?"

 Second: "Well my husband isn't as wealthy as yours, but he did one nice thing for me.  He sent me to finishing school."

 First: "Finishing school... why finishing school?"

 Second: "Well I used to have this bad habit of saying 'Fuck You', but they taught me instead to say, 'Well isn't that nice'."

COMENTARIO: ¡Ay, no jo...!  ¡Perdón!  ¡Mira qué bien!

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